Experimental Engineering

County Galway


Protection of the Natural Environment is extremely important to us, so the development of intermediate technologies is high on our agenda. Those who possess an interest in Engineering and who have a deep seated love of Nature will appreciate that there need be little conflict between the two.


Our specific interests are in experimental engineering and technologies related to sustainability. An important aspect of this is the development of efficient biofuel space heating and power generation plant for use in rural and isolated communities.
For these purposes, Stirling cycle machines as well as reciprocating steam plant offer particularly attractive possibilities. As well as offering the potential for stand alone biofuel use, either type of unit can be utilised in conjunction with standard or modified four stroke internal combustion engined generators to provide a substantial improvement in overall fuel efficiency. 
There are certain well established and relatively minor modifications which might be applied to internal combustion engine power packs to enable them to operate directly from biofuels.  

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Any person who would like to contribute to the development work which is being carried out at Heron Meadows is invited to contact us at the email address given. The opportunity might be attractive to individuals with an interest in engineering who are seeking an opportunity to develop new skills, experiencing long term unemployment or other social dislocation, retired, or who hope to make a fresh start in a new location. This location is fortunate in having many clear nights with a low ambient light level. For those with an interest in Astronomy, observation conditions are very favourable. Individuals who enjoy painting will have no difficulty identifying subject matter on which to practice their craft. An ability to tolerate a low stress, slow paced, creative, rural environment is essential. This opportunity is unsuitable for anyone who prefers to be woken by traffic and aircraft noise rather than birdsong.